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Journal Submission for JIF


The Publisher can submit the Journal for Impact Factor by filling the Evaluation Form and after filling all the required fields of the form, send this form to and wait for our response.

Our organization takes into consideration the following factors for evaluating the JIF:

Quality Parameters

The quality of a journal depends on:

  1. National/ International indexation in journals, books, patent documents, thesis, project reports etc.
  2. Number of original research papers published in the Journal.
  3. Number of papers published annually from countries outside the journal's country of origin indirectly indicates a degree of the journal's acceptance on the international market. If more international publications - the higher the score.

Originality Parameters

The originality of a journal article depends on:

  1. Statement of the problem in research articles.
  2. The way by which the purpose is established in the given context.
  3. Methodologies followed for substantiating / justifying the proceedings / results / outcomes.

In addition to this, there is Formula to calculate the JIF:

For Example JIF for 2012 is calculated as:

A= Citations in 2012-2013 to articles published in earlier years including 2012 and 2013 till evaluation month
B= Total No. of articles published in earlier years including 2012 and 2013 till evaluation month
C= A/B
JIF= C + Impact of other above factors

Note: There is no single thing by which JIF is calculated. So all the above factors and the weightages are applied and finally, Journal Impact Factor (JIF) is computed.

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